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Services & Solutions

We believe that data – once gathered and analyzed – tells a story. It is our job to uncover that story and ultimately connect it to our client’s bigger picture and ultimate decisions.

What do we do?

Research Xcellas specializes in full-spectrum research, analytic, and technical writing services.  Our technical support and innovative solutions are tailored to individuals, start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations, academic institutions, teaching hospitals, non-governmental and community-based organizations (NGOs/CBOs), foundations and government agencies.

Partnership & collaboration

We partner, collaborate and network across disciplines and industries for cross-disciplinary solutions and synergy. 

Diversity of services

We embrace a wide variety of projects, from epidemiological research, program management (including monitoring and evaluation), cross-sectional studies to cohort-based multi-site studies. 

Client focus

We are efficient and effective in solving our clients’ problems and meeting their needs.

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What makes us unique at Research Xcellas

We challenge your assumptions - and ours too - to bring high-level and tailored analytic skills to the solution of your problem. We tailor our offering based on the type of research needed and our clients’ focus.

  • We start with a can-do problem-solving mentality.
  • We listen. We think. We act.
  • We bring data to life.


Scientific Research (Private/Academic/Public)

We help structure your research to engage the community more effectively. We take care of all your data collection processes from sampling to fieldwork activities. Research Xcellas also applies a broad range of frameworks to undertake policy analyses.

Project Management
Institutional projects (Consultancy/Grants/Funding)

Research Xcellas also offers project management services. For example: Occupational Health Projects; Data Management Projects; Testing & Calibration Services to the Life Sciences.

Organisational Technical Assistance Services

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