Technical Assistance Services


Organisational technical assistance


Project managemet

Data management programs

Organisational Technical Assistance

  • Organizational advice and technical assistance for both new NGOs and established NGOs  
  • Our technical assistance on organizational structure ensures that your organization is functioning well, has the necessary employees and systems in place, and does what it was set up to do.
  • Scope expansion
  • Other organizational technical assistance includes capacity building, improvement planning and organizational culture development


  • We assist with fundraising
  • We assist with annual returns
  • We offer services that help NGOs with grant applications.
  • We facilitate legal and financial advice to NGOs in domestic and foreign settings.
  • Aligning the programs to donor funding terms and conditions
  • Develop systems and structures to ensure organizational compliance with donor/private sector funding expectation 

Project Management

  • Our Project Management services cover the planning, execution and assessment of specific events or projects - ranging from outlining the project to organizing logistics.  
  • We also assist with project monitoring and assessment - including project aspects such as community involvement/engagement, impact and public relations.

Data Management Projects

  • Design, develop and maintain data collection tools 
  • Develop and maintain databases to ensure data integrity
  • Review data quality and data inconsistencies
  • Develop data management plan for new projects
  • Data documentation, data curation and archiving
  • Make recommendations for software and hardware
  • Network security
  • Data Networking: Customized Portal/Networking (incl. intranet development, file content management, front end design)
  • Real-Time data backups – a type of backup which allows users to copy files, directories or volumes without having to interrupt work and reboot a system through the use of backup applications such as advanced sector mapping technologies
  • Computerized Decision Support Systems (development, feasibility, usability, audit, safety) and ICT in healthcare (human-computer interaction (HCI), Telemedicine, User experience (UX) design, User Interface (UI) and IT architecture)

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